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Free realistic cricket simulator

World Cricket Championship 2 is a realistic cricket sim for Windows and mobile devices. As one of the most popular sports on the globe, cricket has inspired a fanatical following. The experience doesn't have to stay on the field, though. World Cricket Championship 2 lets you take the game home with you for free. You don't need to purchase a ticket or travel to a stadium; you can enter the world of cricket at any time from the comfort of your own home.

You can choose from a huge slate of teams and hone your skills on the pitch with realistic gameplay and graphics. Customize your team and go up against AI opponents or real players from around the world. You'll find it hard to believe that you're not actually in the game.

The world's most dynamic cricket experience

World Cricket Championship 2 is a major improvement over the first title in the series. Totally free to download and install, you'll have the world of cricket at your fingertips as soon as you open the game. It's easy to see that this game is a well-written love letter to cricket fans.

From the main menu, you can take on a variety of game modes ranging from events to tournaments. The game's major free tournament, the intimidating-sounding Blitz Tournament, makes a good point to jump in. Tournaments like Blitz and the World Cup are the backbone of WCC 2, and as the name implies involve multiple games that will test your team's endurance.

If you're looking to keep the stakes low, you can check out the customizable Quickplay mode, and even multiplayer features so you can play against your friends.

The customization features don't stop with game modes, either. You can choose from a slate of nearly 30 teams and over 40 stadiums from around the globe. Beyond that, you can also customize individual team members and your team logo.

From there, the game is in your hands. You have control of your fielders, batsmen, and bowlers and the direction of the game is entirely down to your skill. WCC 2 is addictive, and you'll find yourself playing one game after another to get to the top of the league.

The real deal

The level of detail put into World Cricket Championship 2 is extraordinary. Every aspect of the game is carefully crafted with the intention of creating the most authentic cricket experience possible in the virtual world.

WCC 2 comes out swinging with a strong foundation of gameplay. It goes beyond merely throwing the ball and swinging a bat. You'll need to vary your pitches and choose your swings carefully to get a leg up on your opponents.

To put it in perspective, WWC 2 boasts an impressive 150 batting animations. You'll have total control over your bowls as well, with an equally in-depth variety to choose from. The game is so detailed that you can even injure other players if you aren't careful with your bowl. There's a serious amount of skill involved that's sure to impress any cricket aficionado.

Mastering the basic gameplay is satisfying and deep, but the level of detail goes way beyond that. The game's ball physics have an impressive amount of realism, even varying based on whether the pitch is grassy or dusty. Weather can have an effect on the game, and the emotions of your players will have an impact on gameplay as well. The dedication to realism is impressive.

That realism extends to the game's graphics as well. Animations look real and impactful. The variety in animation is huge and keeps the game from feeling stale or repetitive. In addition to being realistic, the graphics are colorful and vibrant, making WCC 2 a treat to look at.

Though other cricket games like Cricket 19 certainly boast more realistic graphics, WCC 2's bright visuals bring like to the game.

Keep your skills sharp

Chances are that most people playing World Cricket Championship 2 aren't professional cricket players. However, it seems at times like the game doesn't know that. One major criticism of WCC 2 is the notably high difficulty level.

There's a fine line between a difficulty level that provides a satisfying challenge and one that's just frustrating. WCC 2 seriously toes that line. The further you progress in the game, the higher the difficulty gets until it becomes almost impossible to play unless you're very lucky or very skilled.

Computer-controlled teams seem almost omniscient at times, hitting balls and making catches with effortless ease. It'll take saintlike patience to play against the AI at the game's higher levels. The difficulty level makes an otherwise excellent game nearly unenjoyable.

Difficulty level aside, you should also plan for the game to take up quite a bit of file space on your device. The base game's file size is pretty significant as is, but you should also account for the continual stream of regular updates.

The updates take a major amount of space in their own right. You'll need to plan ahead to account for them and prepare for WCC 2's file size to get pretty bloated. Players will need to make the call on how much file space they're willing to devote to a single game.

Though these cons should certainly be taken into account, they're not enough to detract from an otherwise excellent free game. World Cricket Championship 2 is easily one of the best games for cricket fans, and easily holds its own against big-name titles like EA Sports Cricket

Everything a cricket lover could want

It's no stretch to say that WCC 2 is one of the best cricket games out there. From the variety of teams and game modes to the dynamic graphics to the action-packed and challenging gameplay, there's really not much more a cricket lover could ask for.

World Cricket Championship 2 is a few years old at this point, but the regular updates and seasonal events mean that it's far from showing its age. Updates roll out every few months or so, so players jumping in now shouldn't have to wait long to get their hands on some new content. Latest updates include changes to pitching styles and ball physics designed to make the game even more immersive.


  • Upgraded graphics
  • Variety of game modes
  • Realistic physics and gameplay


  • Overpowered AI
  • High storage requirements

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World Cricket Championship 2 for PC

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User reviews about World Cricket Championship 2

  • Soham Gehani

    by Soham Gehani

    Graphics good and very fun to play and also it's hard that makes it more tensing and fun for us Thank you for making the game :D

  • Naeem Khan

    by Naeem Khan

    its very nice game to pass the time in easyly o friends very enjoy fullevery day if there is

  • Abhishek Mina

    by Abhishek Mina

    nice game for cricket lovers if someone who really wants to enjoy cricket real feel please download it.
    Pros: GRAPHICS More


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